Who is Nick Boström?

Nick Bostrom is a Swedish professor, philosopher and transhumanist, who has inspired some of the most talked about people in today’s spotlight, for example Elon Musk and Bill Gates. Despite his success, the Swede has worked a lot behind the scenes, and few people know his name.


Nick Bostrom is a relatively hidden profile, that belongs to the top layer of the group in transhumanist philosophies. He often does not make use of concrete predictions, but instead relies on various probability theories ,where he further finds insights and opportunities. Bostrom has been an outspoken transhumanist since the 1990s, when he joined the movement with a utopian view of the accelerating technology, which it was already known at the time would drastically change social, economic and biological science. How humans will enter the so called ”singularity”, was something Bostrom and his friends and colleagues within the movement were happy to discuss.


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